What to Expect When You Arrive in the ER

Summertime can be a busy time in emergency rooms, and knowing what to expect before you arrive can make a big difference in not only how quickly you get treated, but in reducing your anxiety.

In Case of Emergency

One of the best ways to be prepared is to make sure you have an In Case of Emergency (ICE) Card. This card allows EMS and the hospital staff to identify who you are and obtain important medical and contact information in the event you can’t speak for yourself.

St. Petersburg General Hospital is ready to treat patients for everything from minor injuries to strokes from the minute they come through our doors. We are a Primary Stroke Care Center accredited by the Joint Commission and an accredited Chest Pain Center, certified by the Society of Chest Pain Centers.

Quicker ER wait times

Upon arrival, patients are seen by either a Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), Physician Assistant (PA) or advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) within minutes. St. Petersburg General consistently beats the average national ER wait time of one hour, established by the Centers for Disease Control. You can text “ER” to 2300 go get average wait times on your phone or download the iTriage appfor the iPhone or other smartphone.

Our ER has 26 beds available to treat patients with some of the most severe illnesses and injuries.

“We first allocate a room for the patient, depending upon what we know is coming in,” ER Medical Director Henry Kurusz, III, M.D. said. “We also notify the nursing staff and if necessary other ancillary services within the hospital setting.”

Fast Track

Our emergency room team uses the Fast Track system for people who need to be seen in a non-emergency situation including sprained ankles, cuts and contusions, , upper-respiratory infections and fevers.

“The patient gets to be seen more quickly and they have less time spent in the emergency room. We want their family members to know their loved ones are being treated promptly and lovingly so we can provide the best and optimal care for them.”

To learn more about our ER services, log onto www.StPetersburgGeneral.com or call 1-866-4HCA-DOCS. You can also get a free ICE card by calling 1-877-442-2362 or filling out our online form.

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