Healthy Weight Challenge!

St Pete Hospital Weight LossReady, set, lose! St. Petersburg General Hospital is in a “healthy” competition to see which department in the hospital can lose the most weight among employees. Last year’s competition was such a success, we’ve decided to make it a yearly contest. Many who did not compete last year saw how well their co-workers did and wanted to participate, and Healthy Weight Challenge 2011 was born!

Last year, 30 teams of five members each competed to see who would win the trophy. The entire hospital got involved in the 14-week journey, from the dieticians who helped plan tasty and healthy low-fat meals, to the rehabilitation physical therapists, who taught weight-loss exercises to each team. The teams weighed in twice a week to see who had lost the most weight. The winning teams got to hold onto the trophy until the next weigh-in. Exactly 100 people finished strong, but the two winning teams lost a total of 90 pounds and 11% of their body fat. Last year’s winners were Karen Favero, Ginny Laubach, Julie Beckler, Linda Dickson, Catherine DeGrandis, and Connie Simpson (not pictured) from the Recovery Room. The greatest overall number of pounds lost went to the Human Resources department in the second photo: Guy Samuel, Julie Beckler (coordinator) Jamie Jensen, Jen Robinson, and Troy Jarvi, and JC DeVitt (both not pictured).

Each department gets weighed in twice a month and scored based on the amount of pounds lost as well as the percentage of body weight lost. The teams have 12 weeks to get healthy! This year’s competition ends on April Fool’s Day. Check back after to find out if last year’s champs did it again, or if a new team holds the trophy!

St Pete Hospital Weight Loss 2We’re losing weight so that we can be healthier when taking care of our patients, as well as to meet our own personal goals. Certified Bariatric Coordinator Julie Beckler says, “Obesity and its complications is the second leading cause of death in the United States.” She notes that losing weight is easier said than done. Staff members have been encouraging each other by taking group walks at lunch and motivating each other when needed.

At St. Petersburg General Hospital, we specialize in bariatric surgery. If you would like more information about these procedures, please visit us online or call our Consult-A-Nurse® line at 727-341-4055 for a free doctor referral. For those interested in weight loss surgery, join us the first Tuesday of every month. Click here for a schedule of our classes and events.



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