Health Information in the Palm of Your Hand

When’s the last time you had a health question? Maybe you wondered if your baby had an ear infection. Or perhaps you want to know what to expect during an X-ray. Now you can simply pull out your smartphone and find the answer. The iTriage app gives you immediate access to a symptom checker, descriptions of different medical procedures, and much more.

Another exciting feature of iTriage is updated emergency room wait times. If you need to visit the ER, simply use iTriage to find out which local hospitals have the shortest wait times. Why share ER wait times? At St. Petersburg General Hospital and throughout the HCA West Florida community, we believe in delivering fast, compassionate care. And we want our patients to know that we’re working hard to deliver that care. iTriage health app

“We are committed to providing our patients and health care consumers with the resources, technology and information they need to make informed health care decisions,” said Dan Miller, President of HCA West Florida Division. “The iTriage application offers an innovative and unique next step that provides immediate information to users.”

The iTriage application was built by emergency room doctors, so it’s designed for ease of use. The application illustrates how our hospital remains on the cutting edge of the ever changing healthcare landscape.

For more information about iTriage, please contact us at St. Petersburg General Hospital. Visit us online or call 1-888-741-5122.




St. Petersburg General Hospital

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