Medical Stabilization: What It Is and How It Works

The process of becoming free from a dependency on drugs or alcohol can be daunting, even for someone who wishes desperately to quit. Medical stabilization, however, can provide the life-changing support that makes a difference.Female patient and male doctor

What It Is
It can be unsafe for some people, especially those who have a long history of use, to stop using drugs or alcohol suddenly. Medical stabilization is the process of medically managing withdrawal symptoms while the patient is in a hospital setting. This process is not only safer, but it also increases the chance that the patient will have a successful recovery.

How It Works
Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol can cause both physical and emotional symptoms ranging from anxiety, depression and insomnia to nausea, breathing difficulties and heart palpitations. Medical stabilization utilizes a team of qualified medical professionals to assess, monitor and treat patients throughout the withdrawal process while patients remain in a hospital setting.

Inpatient medical stabilization services for adults age 18 and older are now available at St. Petersburg General Hospital. We have contracted with SpecialCare Hospital Management Corporation to offer a medical stabilization service called New Vision™. We work with patients who are experiencing life-altering problems and extreme withdrawal symptoms. The service includes a medically supervised hospital stay, which is commonly between 3 and 5 days in length, and is comprised of assessment, medical stabilization and referrals to rehabilitation and counseling services.

To learn more about New Vision™ at St. Petersburg General Hospital, and find out how we can help you or someone you care about, visit us online of call 727-341-4913 or 800-939-2273.


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