What to Expect from a Childbirth Class

Are you expecting a baby? Well, here are some of the wonderful things you can expect from a childbirth class:@Glowimages 187345.

Information. Most moms- and dads-to-be have lots of questions, and a childbirth education class is a great place to get educated answers. You’ll learn about a range of topics including writing a birth plan, recognizing the signs of labor, the labor and delivery process, pain management options, the role of a midwife, postpartum concerns, the healing process, the basics of caring for a newborn at home, breastfeeding and more. Childbirth education classes often also include a tour of the hospital.

An opportunity to bond. A childbirth education class gives a dad-to-be a chance to actively participate in a pregnancy. Topics covered in class often include the role of a labor coach, things to do to help a mom-to-be remain comfortable and confident throughout labor and delivery, and ways in which you can help with your baby once he or she comes home. As a result, attending a class is often a wonderful bonding experience for a growing family.

Calmed nerves. Knowledge is power, and couples’ nerves are often calmed after attending a childbirth education class. While every birth is different, the more you know the more prepared you can be.

New friends. As part of a childbirth education class, you’ll meet new people who, like you, are expecting a new baby shortly. It’s not uncommon for classmates to have a good deal in common, share information and resources, and even sometimes stay in touch after their little ones are born.

To learn more about the St. Petersburg General Hospital Women’s Services department, or to register for one of our childbirth education classes, visit us online or call (888) 741-5122.

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