Can You Spot an Addiction?

The signs of addiction can easily be missed – would you recognize them? Even those closest to addicts might miss tell-tale symptoms of a full-blown addiction.Depressed teen boy

Signs of Addiction
According to the Tampa Bay Depressive and Manic Depressive Association, there are many types of addiction. While some signs are obvious, others are very subtle, and sometimes behavioral changes from drug use are wrongly attributed to mental health problems. Signs of addiction include:

Mood Swings
The highs and lows of addiction are intense. You may notice sudden outbursts of anger, sadness or even extreme happiness – all due to changes in brain chemistry.

Poor Hygiene
Personal hygiene takes a backseat to addiction. Addicts often stop taking care of themselves as the addiction takes hold.

From not doing small chores around the house to forgetting to pay bills or feed a child, addicts stop participating in normal, everyday tasks – it’s all about getting the next fix.

A New Crowd
Addicts don’t want to be discovered, or discouraged, by others who don’t agree with their drug use. They’ll often create distance between themselves and loved ones, surrounding themselves with enablers who let them openly use.

Physical Changes
The body often adversely reacts to drug use. Obvious signs include red, watery eyes; runny nose; skin changes; and weight loss.

Track Marks
If the drug of choice is being injected, the addict will have noticeable track marks (needle injections) on their arms or other areas.

Get Help
If you know someone suffering with addiction, we can help. We offer a medical stabilization service called New Vision™. The service includes a 3- to 5-day, medically supervised hospital stay and is comprised of assessment, medical stabilization and referrals to rehabilitation and counseling services. To learn more about New Vision™ at St. Petersburg General Hospital, or for any other questions, visit us online or call 727-341-4913.



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