Top Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Rest

Protect your health by making sleep a priority

Do you snore? Do you wake up over and over all night long? Do you suffer from insomnia? If you experience any of these sleep disorders, your health may be at risk. In fact, research shows that lack of sleep can lead to heart disease, depression, chronic fatigue and a number of other health issues.

If you're not getting enough rest each night, try these tips:

  • Go to bed every night at the same time and get up at the same time each morning.
  • Keep electronics and any evidence of work out of your bedroom.
  • Make sure that your bedroom is cool, dark, and quiet. Use a white noise machine or fan if necessary.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol too close to bedtime. It will initially make you tired but can result in your waking up a few hours later.
  • Avoid exercise within three hours of bedtime. It raises your body temperature, and you may not be able to fully relax as you should. Exercise earlier in the day, however, can improve your sleep quality.

If you still are tired each morning, or if your partner complains of your snoring, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. This condition causes you to actually stop breathing repeatedly throughout the night. Visit our online Health Library to learn more about sleep apnea and its risks.

At St. Petersburg General Hospital, our physicians can help you determine if you have a serious sleep issue that needs to be addressed.

In fact, next Wednesday, May 30, we're hosting Put Your Sleep Problems to Rest. This informative seminar is hosted by Larry Eberle, RRT, RPSG (left), who will discuss the prevalence, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. The event will begin at noon and will be held at Freedom Square Auditorium in Seminole. To register, just call 1-888-741-5122. You may also benefit from our ongoing A.W.A.K.E. sleep apnea support group.

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