Top 5 Reasons to Schedule a Mammogram + A Special Offer

Learn why regular screening mammograms are so important.

Some health appointments are investments in the future. Visits to the dentist, annual pap smears and mammograms are the types of appointments you don’t look forward to, but you keep because they’re worth their weight in prevention. Looking for some motivation? Try these top reasons to schedule a mammogram.

1. It’s easier than ever to schedule and attend your appointment.
St. Petersburg General Hospital offers both online and phone scheduling for mammograms. Visit us online or give us a call at 1-800-617-7095 to schedule yours today.

2. Early detection can save your life.
When cancer is detected early, you have a better chance of surviving. A mammogram is a key way to detect breast cancer early on. Schedule your mammogram to take advantage of this important tool in the fight against breast cancer.

3. A mammogram detects more than a breast self-exam can.
While you should regularly perform breast self-exams to determine if there have been any changes to your breast tissue, this is not a substitute for a mammogram. According to, a mammogram allows the doctor to have a closer look for changes in breast tissue that cannot be felt during a breast exam.

4. It’s only uncomfortable for a few seconds.
Like an important yearly flu shot or a pelvic exam, a mammogram may cause brief discomfort. The good news is that it only hurts for a few seconds, and not all women experience pain during a mammogram.

5. Your doctor recommends it.
If your doctor has recommended that you begin having yearly mammograms, trust her judgment. She’s working off of national statistics and your personal cancer risk.

Do you have questions about preventing breast cancer or your need for screening? This October, during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time to get educated, and the team at St. Petersburg General Hospital is here to help. Our Breast Center offers digital mammography, including screening and diagnostic mammograms. We also offer stereotactic biopsy, ultrasound core biopsy and bone densitometry procedures. In the event that a diagnostic screening shows the need for biopsy, we can assist you in scheduling an appointment with one of our breast care surgical specialists.

Special Breast Cancer Awareness Offer
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, St. Petersburg General Hospital will be offering $65 mammograms during the entire month of October. Visit us online or give us a call at 1-800-617-7095 to schedule yours today!

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