Secrets to Portion Control This Thanksgiving

The turkey should be the only thing that gets “stuffed” this Thanksgiving.

If you overindulge during the holidays, you may not feel so great about it later. Portion control can help you enjoy the foods you love and still feel good the next day. Use these tips to control your Thanksgiving intake.

  • Eat before the big meal. Breakfast in the morning and a salad with water before the meal can keep you from over-eating at the main meal.
  • Use smaller plates and serving spoons. That way your helpings will seem bigger in comparison.
  • Divide your plate for a healthy balance. At least half should be fruits and vegetables (skip those with creamy or sugary toppings), a quarter can be lean turkey, and the last quarter can be your carbohydrates.
  • Choose your dishes carefully. Pick only your favorite carb or sweet and skip the seconds and repeats.
  • Let your brain and stomach communicate. After eating, take a rest and allow yourself to feel full instead of going back for more and over-eating.
  • Limit alcohol consumption. Wine, beer, and mixed drinks are full of calories. Soda and juice can also be loaded with calories so stick with water.
  • Eat your meal slowly. That will give you a chance to savor the tastes and give thanks for the bounty. You’ll also feel fuller.
  • Socialize with your loved ones while you eat. Just don’t talk with your mouth full. Time talking is time not eating more than you need.

Remember, if you don’t gobble-gobble up everything on Turkey day, you’ll have delicious left-overs to look forward to! Getting some exercise before and after the meal can also help you feel better. Play a family game outside before the meal then take a leisurely walk after to keep your metabolism going.

Visit our online health library for tips on making the most of Thanksgiving leftovers. Also check out the diet and nutrition archive to make smarter choices about what you eat. Happy Thanksgiving from the St. Pete General family to yours!

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