SIDS: Crib Safety Tips

Create a safe sleeping environment for you newest family member.

All you need for a refreshing night's sleep is a mattress, a blanket, and a pillow – but a baby's needs are a little different. Unfortunately, unsafe bedding has been linked with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) time and time again. Make sure you are choosing correctly while setting up your infant's crib. These guidelines will keep you on the right track.

  • Buy a new crib. Safety standards have changed and improved drastically over recent years. While older cribs may have sentimental value, or seem like a cheaper option, you can't trust that your baby is safe in them.
  • Avoid large openings between the slats. You should not be able to fit a soda can through them.
  • Make sure the crib is put together correctly. Watch out for loose screws or unsteady parts.
  • Choose a firm mattress. If the mattress is too soft, it could create a risk for suffocation.
  • Get a fitted sheet in the right size. This is the only sheet you need. Infants should not have top sheets or covers, as they could easily wrap around their necks.
  • Keep the crib empty. Stuffed animals, and even pillows, aren't safe for bedtime.
  • Put your baby on his back to sleep. This is the safest position for young babies.

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