Reputation Monitoring

Most often perception becomes reality. This is especially true when you consider how consumers as individuals perceive the businesses with which they spend their money. Despite whether or not you as an individual devote any time to social networking, be assured that your customers do. Social media provides another outlet for people to learn and share ideas and recommendations. If social media is not a part of your marketing plan, you are missing out on the opportunity to connect with consumers and increase your brand awareness.

Reputation Monitoring - Social Media

People are likely to take what they hear and use it to draw conclusions and make spending decisions. Unfortunately they do not always look into the company itself and make their own informed decision. This fact can be detrimental to your company when you are encountered with negative feedback. Ballywho can harness the power of social media to promote your brand and engage customers, individuals can use it to make negative statements that may be transmitted for many of your current and potential customers to see.  We offer you representation. We will identify positive areas so you know what is making your customers happy as well as track the factors that are creating negative feedback. Ballywho is fully prepared to lead the charge on your behalf and work to stop any problems before they escalate and become prevalent. We will be the voice of your company and ensure that you are involved in the conversation. Managing your reputation via social media outlets is vital. The platforms we utilize allow you to communicate directly with your customer base and let them know who you are and ultimately grow closer to your company.

Reputation Monitoring Tools

We have tools that allow us to collect your customers’ feedback about your business. We scour the internet in search of your brand and cues to how it is being perceived by consumers.  We search over one hundred million unique websites to gage sentiment about your brand. We can identify not only negative feedback, but positive as well. By doing this we can put together an accurate assessment of how your reputation stands. We can collect metrics on what is being said, by whom, when and to what extent. We track word of mouth for you in real time. Through this approach to reputation management, we can identify who the opinion sharers are and respond to them according to their position. A different approach is required to combat negative sentiment from a major media outlet on their website or blog versus an individual on their personal social media account of choice. Our ability to find out what is being said and work to change opinion ensures that when you choose Ballywho, you will become an active member of the Social Media community.

Brand Ambassadors

The bottom line to reputation management is that we can identify and engage stakeholders for you. We will build up your social community, creating brand ambassadors for you that will recommend you to others and represent your brand to the utmost. Those who are willing to be vocal online certainly have the ability to affect public perception. We can engage these viral vocalists and approach reputation management with a combination of friendliness, customer service and public relations. Utilizing social media platforms can polish your reputation and accurately represent your brand, changing reality into perception. We offer you communication platforms that are relevant in today’s social climate.


Press Releases

Social Search

We believe people find out about your brand three ways
1) Word of Mouth
2) Advertising
3) Search (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
We work with your marketing and web team to create an integrated social and web presence that is aligned with your marketing vision and brand experience

What is Social Media?

We believe that social media is the communication tool of the future, it is the way to link traditional and web marketing and communication together with consumer engagement.


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